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“Tebis helps you handle the challenges in 3D laser cutting”

You can quickly and reliably create NC toolpaths for cutting your sheet-metal parts no matter how complex the geometry. Collisions with other component areas, clamping devices or machine components are ruled out. Offline programminglets you avoid tedious teach-in and unproductive use of the machine. Increase your productivity with NC programming in the Tebis CAD/CAM system.


“Specific hardening of highly-stressed areas – without remachining”

You can easily create NC programs for laser hardening systems with Tebis. This specific hardening of highly-stressed areas of steel and cast steel parts does not usually require any re-machining. This lets you finish-machine the components in the unhardened state in single-part production in mold, die or machine manufacturing. This simplifies the production of trim and coining steels, cutting edges on draw die punches and lower dies. This lets you harden precisely defined areas like high-stressed radii and areas in molding plates.in


“Targeted material coating of modified areas with essentially no distortion”

You can create NC programs for laser weld cladding systems with Tebis. This enables the targeted application of coatings in modified areas with essentially no distortion. You can also reduce the required chip-generating reworking to a minimum. You can quickly and easily repair areas, apply material to modified areas and refine component areas.

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