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Analyzing Parts


"Analyze CAD files before machining"

Obtain information from the virtual 3D model in costing, manufacturing and assembly and work paperless – with no need to print drawings or documentation. The Tebis Viewer with CAD gives you digital access to current information on the component. You can analyze this directly from the Tebis CAD file. You have quick access to comprehensive functions for geometry and quality analyses in all departments and areas. This allows you to plan manufacturing and work safely throughout the process. You can quickly identify relevant details with file comparisons in the event of changes.

  • Select different component views
  • Quickly determine important information on manufactured and purchased parts
  • Dimension 3D model
  • Determine and analyze surface and volume contents
  • File comparisons
  • Analyze CAD geometry and quality: Detect slopes, curvatures, planar surfaces and fillets as well as defects


"Display NC program features at the machine."

Work digitally from end to end in NC manufacturing with Tebis Viewer NC. Machine operators can access all relevant manufacturing information, including CAD blank geometry, CAD finished part geometry, clamping devices and tools. Switch tools for specific orders. You can realistically simulate toolpaths and ensure collision-free manufacturing – independent of programming.

  • Access manufacturing-related process libraries (tools, clamping devices, virtual machines, machining sequences)
  • Determine information on the machine, setups and tools and change if necessary
  • View NC programs with milling parameters in the Job Manager and call up NC information
  • Simulate toolpaths and check for collision
  • Adjust technical parameters in toolpaths
  • Check NC programs and output in the correct control format
  • Prepare NC documentation in XML format
  • Follow machining with simulation of material removal
  • Includes the function scope of Tebis Viewer CAD

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